Day 83 of Project 2015

Time is creeping onto Easter already. We are almost saying goodbye to March and daylight savings too.

The weather is rapidly changing… it is cooling down, although possibly still with humidity in the air (yick!) It was overcast and there was a double rainbow in the sky this morning….. A good start for what would turn out to be a crazy day weather-wise. By the afternoon it was stormy with heavy rain.

Let the rain clear now so we can have a successful garage sale on Saturday … we will discuss that again once it happens.

Summary of March 24


Waking up and getting ready within 10 minutes and out the door earlier than usual. Now this was NOT a choice newbie… it was a “we-slept-in-way-too-much-this-morning” newbie 😉 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

David got a really encouraging phone call today about one of his students. And it’s hearing this type of feedback that makes each day that little bit more rewarding 🙂 


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