Day 12 of Project 2015

First day this year where we sat down and spent an intense amount of time doing work on the computers. We mean actual WORK not just browsing the internet or playing games etc.

It was a little unusual us both set up at the dining table across from each other plugging away; mouse clicking, tapping at the keyboard – having the occasional conversation.

Hey – we could get use to this. Working from home with each… now to find jobs that will allow us to do that?

But we digress and should now mention that we practised a bit of what we learnt yesterday. We didn’t let “annoyance” creep into our day. We discussed a few things openly but then we just brought it back…. to letting it go! And we did.

Summary of January 12


We read over at The Chelle Seeker about using the “other” hand to do everyday tasks to help strengthen neural connections in the brain and also increase the activity of the less dominant side. 

Today we brushed our teeth using the other hand. What a weird sensation. But we shall persevere with this one as it is healthy for the brain 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

David is still on holidays and Le is yet to find full-time work. Yet we didn’t mind working on our day off. It was something different that we haven’t done before and we weren’t complaining or whinging about it.

Are we slowly seeing our shift in attitude kicking in? Hopefully, we need to just hit 21 days, right? And then it becomes habit 🙂