Day 7 – Estella to Los Arcos

As we walk along the path, there is no sound, just the occasional distant rumble of a truck passing on the highway. The scenery around us are like postcards. We cannot believe the beauty around as the sun rises and its rays hit our surroundings. The day starts off cool but before long, the heat of the sun is fierce on our skin. We will finish the Camino with the meanest tan ever.

When have we ever been in this much open field… just us and the path? We can still see some other pilgrims up ahead and occasionally look back to see if there are others behind but most of the time, it is just us.

If we listen extra carefully, we can hear the crunch of our shoes on the gravel beneath us…. And what goes through our heads?? Nothing!! Can you imagine actually not thinking of anything for almost 7 hours of a day, every day?? It does cross our mind how hot it is, how we wished there was shade, how sore our feet are, wonder what is up ahead…. We also think about our families and friends back home. But that’s it! We think only of those happy memories and what we are currently experiencing.

It is magic! We are so utterly mind boggled at how we truly don’t have a care in the world, except maybe when our next stop is or bit of shade is. And it is not like we are consciously pushing thoughts or concerns out of our heads, our minds have literally reprogrammed and hit the reset button. And we admit that it is a wonderful feeling!

The lesson we take from today and hope to take onboard with life after the Camino is to free our minds! We know we can do it, so we should do it more often! Worrying solves nothing. Over-thinking causes more suffering. Stop, and hit the restart – it does a world of good!


Such a zen photo that we took a few days ago on our way to Pamplona.