Day 7 of Project 2015

We went to watch a movie this afternoon “The Imitation Game” – what a wonderful movie! We don’t want to write any spoilers but the movie really opened our eyes.

We had no idea about this side of World War II at all. We hadn’t even heard of Alan Turing. What a phenomenal mastermind he was and his sheer genius was the root of what we rely on so much today: computers.

While watching the movie, it dawned on us that we need to further broaden our horizons. We like to think that we know a little bit on a lot of things but there is still so much more to learn and discover. How can we do this? By reading more on an array of topics from different viewpoints. There is a world of information out there that could have been kept from us because we went through school during a time when certain things were still taboo.

What else don’t we know? Well.. we don’t know! So it’s up to us to keep exploring and reading is the KEY!

Is it true that the more we know the more we realise how much we don’t know?

Summary of January 7


Since returning from the Camino, we have felt a slight void in our everyday. We just love talking and reliving moments however anyone who has walked the Camino, will understand what we mean when we say: that those who haven’t walked the Camino don’t truly get those who have walked it. 

We found a Camino Sydney group that get together every month and we decided to attend their meeting this evening. It took us immediately back to meeting other pilgrims on the Camino itself as everyone spoke of their experiences and challenges and joys. 

Brighter/Different Perspective

We found Twinkies in a convenience store in Sydney – we haven’t had one since we were in NYC back in 2010. We were so excited because we LOVED the taste of them so much, we just had to buy one! Well, it didn’t quiet twinkle our taste buds like we remember, showing us that sometimes we may remember something fondly but in fact maybe the memory has been enhanced and exaggerated by us. Us wanting to remember things how we want to remember rather than what really was. 



apothecary for the soul

One of the world’s oldest libraries, the library of the Abbey of St Gallen in Switzerland, which we visited today has inscribed in Greek over the entry: “apothecary for the soul”.

Is that suggesting that knowledge heals the soul?

Or that reading provides comfort?

Or that books can make spiritual health better?

Regardless, seeing those words reinforces to us that life doesn’t need to be rushed and that we should make the time to read.

We love reading and it makes us happy but sometimes we make excuses that we are too busy. Not anymore… we should do what makes us happy 🙂