Day 16 – Atapuerca to Burgos

Happy anniversary to us!! Six years ago, Le was walking down the aisle. Six years on, we are walking 19 km!

It was another early start, and it was pitch black once again. We covered quite a bit of ground before the sun came up! We just wanted to get to Burgos! We just wanted to get there so we have at least a full day and a half break!

We did stop, take some photos, enjoy the scenery. But with storm clouds also looming, we paced on!

And guess what?? Our body is paying for it now! Or maybe it is our minds and bodies playing tricks on us… knowing that it can rest, it is deciding to milk our energy even more!

Anyway, we had another pleasant day on the road and we managed to find an owner for the hat. Not the original owner but another owner! Once again, we were asking around if anyone had lost a hat – and no one was claiming it. Then we asked this man at our morning stop, and he said, he did lose a hat a few days ago but it wasn’t that one. Feeling like that was the reason that we had carried it all this way we passed it onto him. He looked quite relieved to be back with a hat…

It was an interesting route to Burgos, there were many alternative options to choose from. All with yellow arrows, some more distinct than others.

It reminded us of when we were coming into Roncesvalles how we chose the longer, deserted yet easy and safe path, while most people we spoke to took the more difficult/dangerous path because it was (1) well-marked and (2) that was the way everyone else was going.

Today was quite similar, we hit a fork in the road, one was well-marked and the other wasn’t. Guess which one we chose! Yep the one NOT well-marked. The well-marked path was along the main highway with trucks and cars constantly trundling past. The way we went was more parklands.

Both of the routes we chose, although were not well-marked and less conventional, turned out to be the more scenic and pleasant paths. Both times we weren’t entirely sure that the way we were going was right because we seemed to be on our own for the most part…

There may be a “general” path through life but it doesn’t mean we have to follow the exact same “conventional” route. Sometimes we chose to do things differently because it feels right to us. At the end, we achieve the same thing… and that is LIVING. Some people prefer to follow the norm in life, while others chose to be unconventional and do their own things. It doesn’t mean we are LOST, it just means we like to do it differently.