Day 14 of Project 2015

In an attempt to continue with our life of minimalising and decluttering, we went back to the home David grew up in (where his parents still live) and we did a MASSIVE clean up of things.

We went through school work from when he was in day care, through to high school. We also sorted through a pile of things from his old room. There was plenty ending up in the recycling bin, rubbish bin and/or now in boxes to be moved to our place for more sorting. What can go into storage and what can go into the garage sale.

What we own and what we have doesn’t define us… but why do we have so much trouble letting things go sometimes? Is it nostalgia?

Before we get too emotionally attached by walking down memory lane to an item when culling, we have to ask ourselves, “Do I need this item? Does this item make me happy? Who am I without it?” The questions are progressive and if we can justify it by the last one, then maybe it really was worth keeping. But if we don’t need the item, then why do we hang on to it? If it doesn’t make us happy, then likewise, why do we hang on to it? And if it hasn’t made us directly the person we are today and hasn’t “passed” the other questions, then it really needs to go!

It gets easier…. it really does when we are ready to let go!

We still have SUCH a long way to go before we become minimalists but we are getting there.

We read briefly about a man who narrowed down everything he owned to just 100 items??! Can we do that in due course??

Summary of January 14


It was the first time that David climbed into an “attic” – although it was only for a several minutes, it was the first time he had even peeked into this part of the home he grew up in.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Certainly gave him a different perspective of the garage being up a ladder, and looking down. It’s eye-opening to look at things from different angles 🙂