Day 9 of Project 2015

As we watched the 4th day of the Australia VS India Cricket test – we were listening to the commentators and likewise now as we watch Australia VS Kuwait in the Asian Cup opening game.

The commentators use overdramatic and harsh words and descriptions. It sounds so critical, competitive and discouraging which we find quite off-putting.

These sports people are human – they make mistakes and although it sucks, why is it such a BIG deal? There is almost the insinuation that these players have to be perfect. When if they seriously stopped for one second to think about what they said, these are 11 of the best that the country has to offer at that point in time.

Don’t they realise these sports people are trying their best? And isn’t that what we want to instil in people – that’s it is about trying the best we can NOT being THE BEST??

Just give the players a break! Everyone is allowed to have an off-moment, off-day or poor split-second judgement.  Everyone makes mistakes, that’s how we learn from them.

Summary of January 9


We used a Thermomix today to make some risotto. How easy and quick it was! Definitely a time-saver, appliance saver and cookbook savers. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Before criticising someone’s ability or performance, focus on the times they have performed well. Don’t hold a few mistakes against people.