Day 365 of Project 2015

So here we are… farewelling the project that was…

And we are grateful we did it. We are grateful we stopped to appreciate every day for what it was.

So where to from here? This isn’t our last post forever. This is only our “last” post for the year.

And who knows what inspiring things we come across …but this blog will become just that once more! We started this last year for that purpose… to be a place for us to collect and share quotes, movies, stories, pictures… that are inspiring, that focus on positive thinking, that remind us about happiness!

Until next time… whenever that may be! Here’s to 2016!

Good bye 2015! And good bye to our project.


2 thoughts on “Day 365 of Project 2015

  1. Melinda Lusmore says:

    It’s been a fun year! Sometimes I felt like I was reading your diary and I should work out how not to get notifications so you could write whatever you wanted without worrying who might read it. But I’ve enjoyed your posts, the quotes and the new things you’ve done – so, thank you!

    Here’s to an equally enjoyable 2016 🙂


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