Day 363 of Project 2015

Yep… two more days of 2015 left… officially!

We had a HUGE day in Canberra. Starting with a big breakfast, then it was from one museum to the next.

We spent the entire day walking and driving and exploring. We were so worn out by the end of it.

It was so fascinating visiting places here in our own country when we have visited so many other similar places in other countries. We felt a little “slack” that we have been so “slack” with our own country! It has plenty to offer but we take it for granted that it’s “home”.

Everything deserves the same respect from us, whether it be something far or near, foreign or not, family or friends or strangers. We in fact should love everything and show extra deserving respect to who and what that are most important to us!

Summary for December 29


We visited so many new places because we wanted to play tourist in Canberra. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

This whole year we have learned not to take things for granted… so that definitely includes our home! We don’t want to miss a minute of anything if we don’t have to! 🙂 


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