Day 359 of Project 2015

Merry Christmas!! And it comes and goes ever so quickly… in the blink of an eye we have eaten a lot at both family households and opened bundles of presents.

Whatever we do – it comes down to the most important thing and that is being with our families. Seeing the smiles and feeling the love… nothing compares to that feeling.

Where will we be next Christmas? We can never know now! We can have plans or assume but we don’t know what the world has in store. That’s what we must remember… Live for today and enjoy every moment. Live with no regrets! Hold onto nothing except the sheer blissful memories that we make šŸ™‚

Summary for December 25


We waited until Christmas morning to open presents we received in the mail.Ā 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

As each year rolls on, we value moreĀ and more the time we have with those around us. ItĀ doesn’t matter about the presents, how much or what we eat. There is no image of perfect in our minds… the image of perfect is that we areĀ there to experience it. That we are able to share these moments with the people we love!Ā 


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