Day 358 of Project 2015

One more sleep until Christmas! Actually more like 10 minutes until Christmas Day is here 🙂

Can we even remember last Christmas? Barely…

Another big day for us and we are just trying to hold off for another 10 minutes to exchange our Christmas letter to one another. We are also trying to make videos of ourselves… something we can look back on in the future, when we are old! It is easy to forget the little things …. the every day things… Not that we are filming every day. But big occasions, we are throwing together a video so we can stitch it together and save it (time capsule style).

We spent much of today tying up loose ends (almost literally at times) for our Christmas wrapping. After tomorrow, all those wrapped presents that flood our place will be no more and we reclaim our “normal” life again…. Mr and Mrs Claus no more for another 350+ odd days.

Summary for December 24


Made our Christmas video this morning. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We don’t want it to be too late when we want to start reminiscing or want to preserve the memories and we can’t! So we are taking action now to start making the memories and keeping them. 


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