Day 357 of Project 2015

Other than on special occasions like Christmas, for the first time ever,  We saw all 8 nieces and nephews in the one day! We went from one sibling house to the next and had play time with the kids.

It was rather entertaining and tiring as well. We had a big day but we survived!

We are under 10 days left of 2015. And David has almost been off for a week already!! Nooooo….so fast! After Christmas is behind us, we are going to refocus to slowing down the time we have together.

Summary for December 23


Pretty much went from one house to the next to see the little munchkins in our lives.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

The little kids in our lives are good to us and are so affectionate. We are very lucky to be surrounded by children who love us and are excited to see us. 


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