Day 356 of Project 2015

Happy Summer Solstice… also recognised as the longest day of the year for us here in Oz.

We love the loooong days of summer. It is so glorious to look outside at 7pm and still have light. When we reach this point of any given year, we start to realise that it is now the road towards winter.

And to mark this important milestone, it rained and it poured. Just a lovely reminder that because we are in summer does not mean we get blue skies and sunshine ūüôā

Rain is always better than drought so we don’t complain!

Maybe because we had some good stuff happen today:

  • We scored double passes to the movies from our credit card
  • We won $4 on Keno
  • We had an extraordinarily cheap feed at the RSL

Summary for December 22


We went to the local RSL to have a meal with the family. Worked out to be one of the cheapest feeds we’ve ever had.¬†

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We hit 200 “LIKES” on one of our Instagram photos. We have been working to¬†achieving little milestones with our travel blog and we are going to channel a bit more¬†energy into it next year.¬†


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