Day 351 of Project 2015

Happy anniversary to Le’s parents! No celebrations took place today as her Dad was working and Le and her sisters were frantically working – tying things up before Xmas.

On another beautiful summer’s evening, we decided to head coastal this time. Towards the beaches… Bondi it was. We had hoped to track down some exciting or fun or different postcards for our post crossing fun…  but failed to find any that were worth buying.

But we can announce that YAY – we have finished our Xmas shopping!! How liberating… now to wrap … the BEST bit!

We came back via Paddington Markets purely because we stumbled upon them. Loving the life of spontaneity.

Summary for December 17


Heading to Bondi Beach on a whim. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We might try something different next year… being more spontaneous and booking things less in advance (minus holidays of course). But planning our weekends less and less… and just winging it! 


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