Day 350 of Project 2015

It was freakish weather with two crazy storms blowing through.. one so powerful it brought tornado-like winds with it.

The sky would go between cloudy to pitch black clouds just before the heavens would open up and dump loads and loads of rain.

David was at work…. while Le was up around Darling Harbour with her sisters and their kids during all this.

And by the afternoon, the weather was as if nothing had happened…. so in our midst to tick off things from our list of Christmas presents to buy… we decided to go shopping randomly in town. Still not successfully finishing what we were meant to get!

Christmas is fast approaching and this year we have been terribly disorganised. And yep, the tree is still not up and probably will not be going up this year.

Interestingly, with this project this year, we don’t put huge amount of emphasis on anything these days other than being happy and stress free! We love Christmas but the hype and chaos around us seems to just wash over us and nothing is phasing us.

Usually we dread shopping at this time and dread not being prepared. Normally, we would have all the presents wrapped by now. Yet somehow, even in our state of disorganisation, we still feel a sense of calm.

Summary for December 16


Le visited the Maritime Museum but must do it properly together one day. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We can still feel the calm in the midst of a storm. 


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