Day 344 of Project 2015

Another birthday in the extended family; a niece this time. Keeping us busy with our singing voices… David left early so we prerecorded the message and had it sent.

This afternoon we did some Xmas shopping and are almost about done! We are getting there. On the way back we decided to go to a suburb that we haven’t been to in a loooong while and had dinner there; any random restaurant that we can across. And it was delicious.

We spent time walking around a little and just checking out a bit of the neighbourhood… on the beautiful evening that it was.

Summary for December 10


Spontaneously exploring a suburb on a weeknight. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

People say it all the time, “Everything happens for a reason”… although we never know how or why it happens NOW, we usually find out at some point in the future. 


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