Day 343 of Project 2015

This afternoon was relaxing as we finished a season of another TV series. Although we are keen to find out what happens next in this series, we have made a concerted effort to finish our other DVDs first before spending money on more.

We did have the temptation to visit the video shop to grab stuff to watch but why when we have dozens upon dozens to get through at home already.

We are also in the process of organising a 3-day getaway over the Xmas break. Something to fill the time until our next break in April before our bigger one in September.

AND… we also got tickets to go watch an American college football game next year for David’s birthday… on his actual birthday in fact. Two teams are coming to Australia to play their opening season game and we happened to get tickets. YAY!

Summary for December 9


Approached hotels as travel bloggers to arrange accommodation. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

After seeing this info graphic: – we know we are on the right track… because we are HAPPY!! Happy every day 🙂 



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