Day 342 of Project 2015

It was an interesting day for both of us. We both got lost relying on the GPS. David on his way to work at a different site this morning and Le in the evening when going to dinner with a friend.

It taught us a lesson about relying on technology… that we shouldn’t. Yes, it is a great piece of guidance but we also need to be prepared prior and be able to anticipate where we should be going.

Going off blindly and expecting to be able to follow the GPS voice can equal disaster when you miss turn due to NOT being prepared.

But thankfully we managed to get to our distances, late, but arrived! We kept our cool and composure. Better late and calm then late and angry, right? Would’ve served us no purpose.

Summary for December 8


David walked home from work, now that his second job is closer to home. 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

Sometimes we lose our way, even in life, but the important thing is getting back on track! 


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