Day 340 of Project 2015

It was another birthday party for our little nephew today. A little hectic with plenty of people, food and chaos. But it all went well, kids had fun and people were well fed and time just blinked away.

Then tonight Le went out to dinner with her 3 best girlfriends for her birthday and their annual Christmas get together. As always, the girls had a good laugh and had a great time catching up.

We’ve been selling things on ebay and we have actually managed to get rid of everything that we wanted to! Now the search to get rid of more in the house! We are getting there 🙂

Summary for December 6


Sleeping at midnight on a “school” night 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

It’s Sunday and we are not sad that it is the last day of the weekend. Every day for us is so much fun and so good that the only bonus for weekends, is the kind of sleep in that we get! 


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