Day 339 of Project 2015

We are at Saturday once again. The usual happens… David goes to cricket. Le goes to work in the afternoon.

Then for this week, the slightly different happens.

We meet again by 2 ish and need to do a grocery shop before we go to David’s parent’s place for dinner. We stay and play a few games of our beloved Sequence before we head home.

And then that is the end of our Saturday. It seems so basic but somehow the day ends and we still manage to feel accomplished somewhat.

Summary for December 5


Squeezing in our grocery shop and a little bit of Xmas shopping within an hour. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We are finding ways to fit things into our routine. We like to be prepared for things and of late we have found that we wing most of our days… what goes goes! It’s great! 


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