Day 338 of Project 2015

David had his work Christmas party. Le caught up with some old work colleagues for a mini Christmas get together.

Yep – “it’s the most wonderful time of the year……” *you must sing that last line we typed*….hahahah

It is!! We do love this time of year .. just has the feel of togetherness and festivities. And it’s the time of year when David has 1.5 months of holidays AND Le for the second year running will be off with him … kind of!

And you know what…. as much as we love Christmas, we still have NOT put up our tree and decorations 😦  Some years we are so gung-ho and others not so much. This year is one of them. It’s like having to be in the mood for something, putting up the tree is a bit like that for us. Seeing all our ornaments go on… is awesome! But sometimes we just don’t put in the effort. Maybe this weekend we will be inspired??

We have also been very behind with the Christmas shopping too…. Normally, we are finished now. Not this year…. A wee bit behind.

Summary for December 4


Le catching the train back after a night out with her friends. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We don’t need to overcomplicate our lives with things. Whether it be having to put out decorations because its Christmas. Or being organised for Christmas? We sent our Xmas cards today so that is as organised as we can get for now. 


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