Day 336 of Project 2015

And so we made FIREWORKS…. well, at least we did in the game that we were playing. A collaborative card game where we build fireworks and set them off. Different… and challenging but easy to learn.

We’ve been getting a few postcards lately from our Postcrossing adventures. We’ve sent about 20 or so and have received 6 from many different places around the world. It really is fun getting to the letter box and seeing a postcard in there and having NO idea who it would be from. We recently receive one from a CAT the other day.

Summary for December 2


Walked to the shops at 8.30 pm to buy milk before coming home and playing a card game.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It was great to play a game where there is no winners or losers. We work together to achieve something. 


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