Day 331 of Project 2015

We got home late last night. David got tickets to the School Spectacular 2015. It was quite a production and plenty of teenager talent amongst the schools.

There was dancing and singing and acrobatics.

We’ve never been to a ballet before but after watching one of the talented students perform, it made us actually feel like we could go watch one day maybe…. maybe!

We caught the train in and back… little did we know that the performance finished after 11pm. Which meant we weren’t in bed til after midnight.

Summary of November 27 


We watched School Spectacular – we didn’t even know something like this existed. 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

Never say never.  We never thought we would enjoy ballet… but maybe we will one day. Everything is possible when we ultimately have the final decision. 



2 thoughts on “Day 331 of Project 2015

  1. Melinda Lusmore says:

    Sounds like a big night!

    I took my daughter to see The Nutcracker a few years ago – I chose this one because I love its music and the story is simple enough to follow without any dialogue. It was lovely – but I can’t see me going back for more!

    I know people who love the ballet – maybe you will too 🙂


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