Day 327 of Project 2015

Less than 40 days of the year left… crazy!!


We walked up the road for sushi  and spent a total of $12 for 2 massive servings that filled us up so much. What a bargain dinner!

On the walk back, we visited the newsagent and found the new issue of Mind Body Spirit magazine. It had an interview with Paulo Coelho which is one of David’s favourite authors. It’s also a very enlightening magazine…. a calming and spiritual read.

Before we headed to bed, we squeezed in an episode of Criminal Minds. A TV series that we are slowly working through… (actually we’ve only just started – so a way to go still.) We love a good crime show – put our detective hats on!

Summary for November 23


Created an earthquake game with our nephew…. equipment required = one table

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

We need to use our imagination more. It doesn’t take much to be entertained and to entertain. 


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