Day 323 of Project 2015

Think we have been so overwhelmed with booking our trip that we have been on a life-high 🙂

We finalised our flights to Iceland today and have now started to looking to some sort of tour in Iceland…. Kind of  a little nervous to try and do it ourselves while the weather is much colder and if there could be chance of snow… yeh.. we won’t risk doing those thing on our own during that time of year.

We have been pinching ourselves that it is finally happening.

There you go – our travel slump didn’t last long!!

Summary for November 19


Booking this trip all on a whim… something we do not do often. We tend to think and plan and stew a bit before we just go for it. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Life is there to be lived. So go live it! 


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