Day 320 of Project 2015

To put it all into perspective… we have 45 days left of this year… Can you believe it? Wow!

To count every day and look at every day for what it is has made this year feel like a fulfilling year. Whether we continue this project next year or not is a completely different thing. Maybe this project or another one… still plenty of time to decide. But keeping a daily diary does help put lots into perspective.

Makes us realise what we need to focus on and what we don’t. Makes us value the good more than the bad. Makes us distil the day into what we want to remember.

And so here we are .. the biggest news from today is that we have decided where our holiday will be next year… We are going to Denmark, Sweden and Norway… Scandinavia is somewhere we have always wanted to go and now it could finally be coming true 🙂

Talking to our travel agent tomorrow to get some prices in order and then we will go into HARD CORE saving.

Summary for November 16



Brighter/Different Perspective? 

Paying bills is such a drag!! But it must be done… as little as we like it, we just have to accept it. 


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