Day 319 of Project 2015

We went to the markets to get our fresh fruit and veggies. Together with our normal supermarket shop, we managed to bring our shopping bill down by at least $15.

We also did some Christmas shopping. Nice to get some of it done already. Less than 40 days left.

And we spent the afternoon watching cricket (what else of course) after we went for a walk in the rain to deliver some pamphlets for the business. We are hoping to run a First-Aid Workshop pitched towards what to do with infants and children in particular. It was a last minute decision when we spoke to the facilitator to have it on this side of Christmas. We hope we can make minimum numbers so had to start the slow process of letter box drop.

Summary for November 15


We went for a walk in the rain so we could ensure delivery of some pamphlets in our local area. 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

Never give up… and when you believe in something, giving up doesn’t even cross your mind. 


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