Day 317 of Project 2015

Friday the 13th…. And it rained and rained! Maybe one of these days we need to watch a spooky movie on Friday the 13th 😉

Today was a relatively low-key day. Nothing much happened at all… And it kept on raining!

Le finished her 24th BOOK for the year. Right on target for one more book….:) And we will be going to a book fair again tomorrow! We shouldn’t “need” to buy anymore.. but we always like to look.

With the Cricket Test Match going on in Perth, it meant David was able to watch cricket on TV until almost 9 pm. Then he has cricket in the morning, if the rain holds off. Cricket season is in full swing!

Summary for November 13



Brighter/Different Perspective?

Even when it rains today, tomorrow is a new day 🙂 


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