Day 312 of Project 2015

We should’ve known how our morning was going to pan out when the hairdryer sparked an orange bolt out while Le was using it. Luckily she was oblivious and unscathed but David saw the orange spark almost hit Le’s face. So there goes the hairdryer… another item to die on us of late!

BUT… that was one item that needed replacing and couldn’t just be done without.

Next for the morning, we rolled up our sleeves and did some building of furniture. The instructions were NOT clear and the pieces didn’t fit properly. It was such an effort. We tried to stay focused and calm but goodness gracious that was tough…

We got there in the end with a bit of improvising …

The evening was pleasantly finished off with dinner for Le’s birthday with David’s parents. It was a funny and relaxed evening to top of the mixed-bag type of weekend!

Summary for November 8


No breakfast this morning….

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Losing our cool or getting frustrated doesn’t help solve problems. Sometimes, it’s walking away from it and coming back with a different mindset. 


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