Day 311 of Project 2015

It wasn’t raining this morning which meant cricket was on.

Nothing much planned for today so Le went to work and David went to cricket. We all converged on Le’s sister’s place afterwards. We were then “luxuriously” chauffeured to the shops to do our grocery shopping before being dropped at home. For no other reason, that pure convenience ….

We watched a movie called “The Namesake” – about an Indian family living in the USA. Understanding one’s culture, accepting one’s heritage….fitting in! A very sad, touching movie… with plenty to learn from it. Plenty to take away. The movie was dedicated “For our parents who gave us everything.”

Summary for November 7


We were driven to the shops to do our grocery shop and then driven home again. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

As the movie reminded us: Thank you to our parents for giving us everything. 


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