Day 309 of Project 2015

Back as normal… to work for the both of us.

We were a little weary after Le’s birthday DAY and we felt a little spacey.

We had a very early dinner and ended up dozing from about 6 pm… Yes… we told you it was early!! Dinner was about 4.45pm and then we were in the ZOOOONEE!!!

The cricket season has started again and the first game was on. We had intentions of watching it and then following it with a movie but we couldn’t even get to the end of the cricket with our some dozing.

Summary for November 5


Sleeping THAT early.

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

We are certainly getting older… our recovery time is much slower than when we were spring chickens in our early 20s… But we love us how we are now! Old or not 🙂 


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