Day 308 of Project 2015

Le’s birthday today and we wanted to do as much as we could. It was a wet day but that didn’t stop us.

We woke up and watched our Camino video. Just something to take us back to our most happiest times together 🙂

Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast… a ham and cheese croissant and a waffle macadamia cronut! Deliciously unhealthy 😉

We went into town and visited the Museum of Sydney which was a rather interesting place for us. We learned quite a lot of the history of Sydney that we were not aware of.

Next was a Berry High Tea at the Intercontinental which was soooo filling and decadent. We posted a photo of it on Instagram and the Intercontinental shared it on their account 🙂

There was a spate of shopping before we went to Sokyo for dinner at the Casino. Played at the Casino and then watched Matilda the Musical.

It was a truly fun-filled day … plenty of well wishes, rain and smiles! We couldn’t ask for a better day 🙂

Summary for November 4


Going to High Tea… it’s been a looong time since we went to one but now we are a little addicted. Thinking we might have to go again 😉 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

We proved that the rain does not need to affect the outcome of anything. We were walking in crazy winds and rain but it didn’t have an impact on our mood… we barely even noticed it! 



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