Day 307 of Project 2015

It’s Melbourne Cup day today and we couldn’t care less. The treatment of the horses is abhorrent and we just don’t give it any time of day now. No sweeps, no dress up, no interests.

To think that for one day, gambling is glorified as well. Sorry but somehow as we get older, our priorities change and our tolerance becomes zero to things we do not believe in.

Summary for November 3


Tuesdays night is usually dinner at Le’s parents but tonight it has moved to Le’s sister’s place, where it will likely be from now on. Things are changing… because of the business. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Getting older and standing up for what we believe in… Such an empowering feeling.


2 thoughts on “Day 307 of Project 2015

  1. I have to agree on the Melbourne Cup. If people didn’t bet, there would be absolutely no point in having horses run round and round in circles. You have to wonder exactly what is the upside to horse racing?


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