Day 306 of Project 2015

It was time to put the car into service… so David dropped it off early, got his courtesy car and drove to work. And the tank was running on empty.

Doing the right thing, David went to top it up a little only to be told later, that he didn’t have to worry. Oh well!

While he was at the petrol station, a big truckie pulled up alongside and yelled at him to move the car. The truckie didn’t think he had room to get out of his truck. It was more than ample room but David chose the easier option… Drive away and then come back round into a different bowser.

Tonight we made a zucchini slice for the first time ever and it was scrump-dilly-umptious! We then watched a movie “Irresistible” – it was a psychological thriller with a twist at the end we never saw coming. CRAAAAZY!!

Summary for November 2


Watching a movie that we had no idea was an Aussie movie. 


David didn’t take it personally when the truckie screamed at him. He realised that it was just how he talks and not because he was angry! He was scary enough for David to move the car though. 


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