Day 304 of Project 2015

Happy Halloween!

David had cricket in the morning and he opened the batting. He did well so much so that he may have secured a regular opening partnership with the captain.

Meanwhile Le was at the shop, preparing for the first workshop. This one for kids and creating computer animation. The kids seemed to enjoy it.

Can’t remember if we mentioned it earlier, but we bought arcade sticks a couple of months back and this afternoon we spent some time button mashing while playing fighting games. Arms and fingers are very sore now! Hahaha!

Tonight, Le was surprised with tickets to Matilda The Musical for her birthday from her sisters and our niece and nephews. Very very awesome 🙂 We were looking forward to watching it so this was a wonderful surprise!

The Rugby World Cup Final is tomorrow morning. So we are getting up at 3 am to watch it. Early night tonight for us. Off to bed now… before 9pm.

Summary for October 31


Eating two ice cream cakes. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Le’s not one for surprises… but surprises like the one tonight aren’t so bad 🙂 


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