Day 303 of Project 2015

The end of another month is almost upon us. Almost 10 months down and two to go 🙂 Tomorrow marks Halloween… wonder what ghouls and ghosts are out there.

David’s shaved his head a few days, in time for but by chance with Bandana Day. It has raised a lot of questions from everyone why he chose to go so short. The thing is.. he used to always shave his head like that but because it was ages ago, it seems unusual now.

It’s funny how people think there has to be a “reason” why we do some things we do… and most of the time… There really is no reason at all other than because we want to 🙂 Is there anything really wrong with that? Nope, because that is what life should be. Doing what we want to… not because there is some “reason” behind it.

Summary for October 30


David came home early. Fridays are usually his “late” days but he was home by 5.30pm. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

If you do what you want to in life, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. That is a good enough reason as any 🙂


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