Day 302 of Project 2015

David came by the shop after work and ended up staying to do some of his work that he had brought home. It’s actually a good way for us NOT to bring work to our home. We have another spot to do it and when we come home, we are there to be at home! Can’t let the worlds of work and leisure collide – we’ve made that agreement already!

In the evening, we got some creative juices going and created a brontosaurus from Lego. Lego is a lot of fun! We would love to be able to just play and build all day long if we could. It’s no wonder kids love it so much.

Summary for October 29


Both working in the shop this afternoon so our dream of working together kind of became a reality.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Work is work but if we are happy doing what we are doing… it’s not so bad! 


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