Day 301 of Project 2015

We woke up this morning to a fantastic email proposal. Through our travel blog, we got contacted by a media agency in NYC who wanted to know if we might be interested in being part of a reality TV show, a couple travelling across the USA on a budget. This has distracted us a little from our plans to book the next trip. What if?? What if??

Anyway….David managed to get free tickets to see the documentary “He Named Me Malala” in the evening. It was a lovely documentary but slightly confronting.

It was a stark reminder at how much we do take things in our lives for granted. Something basic as being able to go to school, being able to speak freely, being able to not hear gunfire of a night time, not having to witness bloodshed.

We think about our lives growing up and exactly the same time millions of other children around the world, our age… who were not so fortunate! And even to this day, there is so much heartache, pain and violence… unjustly so.

Summary for October 28


“School” nights are usually quiet for us… although we have tried to vary it up a little. So going out on the train for a night out was a real treat. We ended up eating at a Hong Kong restaurant.. wondering if that was a teaser for what’s to come if we decide to book our flights to Hong Kong?? 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We are so grateful and feel so blessed to lead the peaceful and fortunate lives that we do. We simply cannot forget what goes on around the world especially if we are ever feeling hard done by! 


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