Day 299 of Project 2015

After we published last night, we realised that we must’ve miscounted our days because we would end up somehow having 366 days instead of 365. Well, we scrolled through our posts and found the “jump” and had to go back and fix it…Slow and tedious!

Monday morning once again and the next thing on the list to-dos…. lots of little fiddly things that need to get done. But we manage…

The weather turned crazy scary this afternoon when the big black clouds blew in… seriously looked like an armageddon. Monstrous, black and angry! Surprisingly all we got was a mere splatter of rain and that was it. Very lucky!

Actually we walked to dinner and then came home and it wasn’t until we got inside that the rains really came… felt very blessed!

Summary for October 26


Managed to fit in plenty in the afternoon after David picked Le up. We couldn’t believe it, when we looked at the time, and it was only 6pm. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

All things looming may look big and scary but may not necessarily be so…..


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