Day 298 of Project 2015

We really really really slept in today. It has been AGES since we’ve slept past 9 am, We normally need a good amount of sleep to function but the past month or so, we have been functioning on around 6 or so and it obviously caught up to us.

We felt much more refreshed and rejuvenated today. We initially had plans to catch up with some friends but they cancelled yesterday so it was probably a god-send for us to have some down time.

We got lots done around the home after we woke up only to then spend some vouchers that we had. (Yes… we minimise only to go spend again). On a side note, we think we may have even come up with our “Project” for next year! But that will be revealed later if we decide to go forth.

We went to a Northern Chinese restaurant for lunch to try a different type of cuisine. No chow mien or sweet and sour pork on that menu. The flavours are significantly different but reminded us A LOT of the food we had when we were in China. Which then got us thinking that maybe our next trip should be to Hong Kong or somewhere in Asia. It has been a while since we visited there (Singapore last year didn’t really count as we have already been there before).

For the evening, we spent with David’s parents. We hadn’t seen them in over a fortnight because we were away last weekend.

Summary for October 25 


Visiting a different section of a shopping strip so we can try different foods – order things that we have NO idea what it is. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We felt pleased to have been a bit adventurous and break our “routine” of places we go. We found a treasure chest of restaurants and bakeries that we had NO idea existed until today. 


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