Day 297 of Project 2015

Holy moly! We are knackered!

It was an early start as we had to get the show on the road. David off to cricket while Le was out at the shop to get it ready. Blowing up balloons (with a helium tank) and getting the shop tidied for guests.

Spending a day networking and mingling is TIRING.

David had a great game of cricket in the meantime, getting two wickets! He came home and was straight out at the shop to help.

After closing, we headed to Le’s sister’s house for dinner and then baby sitting duties…. All five nieces and nephews, until one of the father’s came home from work, so we were able to then unload two and take care of the other 3. Luckily, Le’s parents were around to help.

So here we were, 2 adults with no children NOW having 5… very entertaining but easy, thank goodness! We were so tired… that pretty much, came home and both were knocked out the minute our heads hit the pillow.

Summary for October 24



Brighter/Different Perspective?

Life catches up with us. We must remember to take a timeout when we need it. 


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