Day 296 of Project 2015

So it was kind of a day of swapping cars and shuttling people around for us. The way Fridays usually work, is that David goes to work, on the way back, picks up the nephews, and they all go to David’s second job together.

But because Le was going out with her friends tonight, the day worked out slightly differently. Just to confuse ourselves and everyone.

David went to work as usual and picked up the nephews as usual, but came by Le’s parents place (where she was for the afternoon) to pick Le up so that she could then drop him off at his second job (which is between home and Le’s parent’s place) Then when he finished work (which was earlier than anticipated), she picked him up, brought him back to her parent’s place so he could have dinner before she drove him home, get ready, and then leave. It probably didn’t need to be as complicated as that, but because the plan didn’t cater for “early” finishes… it changed the course of it all!

Oh well!

Driving into George St in town was an affair in itself, because tonight the street was getting closed so construction of the light rail could start. So when the destination is George St, it becomes a little complicated! *sigh*

Summary of October 23 


Planning a crazy shuttle schedule that didn’t go to plan anyway! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Aha! So things don’t go to plan…. it’s really no big deal! Got to just roll with the punches….


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