Day 292 of Project 2015

We spent the evening painting…. It’s hard work and we were sweating it up. Should wake up pretty sore and sorry for ourselves tomorrow 😉 Maybe…maybe not!

It was a pretty big job and we were all very happy with the finished product (well at least of the undercoat) 😉 Guess if we have low expectations, then we don’t get disappointed or shocked when the outcome is no better. Does that make sense?

Sometimes life can be not what we expect and so we get disappointed… that should be a lesson in itself that we should live with no expectations. Take each day as it comes and enjoy everything for what it is.

Summary for October 19


We used fennel in our cooking. We don’t usually choose it as an ingredient on a menu when we eat out and so to try it in a recipe was a BIG deal. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

A huge job of painting – the builder told us that it was BIG task to get it done. And together with 6 pairs of hands… we finished the first coat in under 4 hours. It’s a huge effort 🙂 Now for the next coat…. 


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