Day 290 of Project 2015

October 17 marks the day that our lives changed forever. It’s not often that there are milestones that we celebrate or commemorate. For us personally, it’s our birthdays, wedding anniversary and now the Day that marked the end of the Camino.

Actually, we tell a slight fib. There are two days … that mark when our lives changed. The day we started the Camino.. Sept 5 and the day we finished Oct 17.

And anyone who has walked the Way will probably tell you the same, after returning… it is seldom where a day goes by when we DON’T think about our time on the Camino. And there is many a-times where we wish we were still walking. One of the hardest things is always expressing that to others who have never walked it. There is a mutual understanding between fellow pilgrims who get the true impact it has on our individual lives.

We do shed tears even still to this day. How we long to be on that path once more?!

Although part of this project is to live in the now… there are certain memories that we will never part with.

This morning David was at cricket and Le was paint shopping for the business. Straight afterwards, we were off to the Hunter Valley where we are staying overnight. Nice and stinking hot enough for us to stay indoors and relax at our hotel resort.

Summary for October 17


Coming to the Hunter Valley and staying overnight, it’s been almost 6 years since we’ve been up this way. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We wake up everyday and appreciate our lives! 


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