Day 288 of Project 2015

We started Postcrossing and sent our first 3 postcards today. Basically it’s a website where you register and then send postcards to people around the world. And in return, you receive postcard from people.

We LOVE writing postcards and letters in general but we also love snail mail! It is a dying “art” and we hope that by getting involved in projects like this, we can keep it alive for the future generations to appreciate receiving mail other than bills.

It’s always bills when we check our PO BOX so when there is something different, it perks us up!

We were given the address of someone in Russia, Germany and USA…. once they receive our postcard, they register the unique number of the postcard… which then activates our account to start receiving. YAY!

Summary for October 15


Sent our first 3 post crossing postcard! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Having a little fun with something a little different.. writing postcards about Sydney is something we NEVER get to do…. but we can now 🙂 



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