Day 284 of Project 2015

The day that marks the end of the weekend.

We enjoyed a nice lie in this morning… before getting up and out!

We spent the afternoon at David’s parents place, enjoying a deliciously cooked lunch and a marathon game-playing session.

When we got on our way, we decided to go straight to the city to visit the Night Noodle Markets. Now this is something that happens every year around Good Food Month and we are not always around for it or just haven’t bothered going. This year, we went and it wasn’t that great. It was wet for one and the crowds! One of those overrated events that we now know why never went.

Instead of eating at the markets, we went and ate at a really funky pizza joint and had a small dinner but a massive dessert 🙂

Summary for October 11


Checking out the Night Noodle Markets. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We need to experience things in life before we can pass judgement. 


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