Day 283 of Project 2015

First day of the cricket season… And David’s team was fielding. It was a warm day… and  they got off to a good start but somehow the other team managed to claw their way back and get some good shots in to set them a big total to chase next week.

The good thing about David’s cricket comp is that it is only half day Saturday morning. He used to (many years ago) be in a comp where it started at 12 and finish at 6 which meant all of Saturday was gone.

We had a big family dinner with Le’s cousin and husband who were up from Melbourne for the weekend. And seriously when all the family get together, it is like a madhouse. We call it the after hours zoo…..

Summary for October 10


Last night, we had a late night, trying to complete the Christening puzzle, we were so exhausted today that we had a nap (unintentionally) in the afternoon. We went to just relax and next thing you know we are both sound asleep! Lack of sleep catching up on us.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Although our Saturday mornings are taken by cricket now… it doesn’t take up our whole day at least now 🙂 


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