Day 281 of Project 2015

We have WALLS in the shop. After a few months of waiting, the progress is more than we can expect.

It is very exciting that we can finally get the show on the road.

But the process has taught us plenty on patience… that because of the delays and waits we have managed to “line up our ducks in a row”.

Life is always about waiting yet we tend to forget that. In society where everything is instant, the waiting becomes only obvious when we are in a queue or wanting to be next!

Every day involves waiting of sorts and we have to learn to embrace that! Well, guess we did learn that this time last year when we were walking. It truly is CRAZY to think about how one year ago – we were almost finished our pilgrimage and our lives beginning.

Summary for October 8


Being more mindful of NOT being on social media too much – actually trying to take a step back a little from the travel blog and all the efforts that go with it. 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

Everything we wait for comes eventually – BUT it is how we wait that makes the difference


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