Day 280 of Project 2015

Taking a look at our calendar, we are pretty busy. And we also cannot believe that in under 2 months, we will be in 2016.

And before we know it, we will be looking back on another year that was.

Part of the business venture is for us to use donated, second-hand or preloved furniture where possible to decrease land fill/waste.

Today was spent with Le scrubbing down some old school chairs picked up from Reverse Garbage. Amazing how many free, refurbished things out there that we can reuse. It really helps the environment if we don’t only buy brand new and then discard of it.

Summary for October 7


Drove David to work and picked him up 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

We both finished a book today!! We have been investing a lot of time in reading now as we want to tackle the massive pile of unread books on our bookshelf 🙂 


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