Day 279 of Project 2015

In a few weeks, we will be godparents again. To our little nephew. That is 6 times a godparent for Le…. quite an honour.

As godparents for our little niece and nephew so far, as a gift, we’ve done a 1000 piece puzzle, framed it and given it to the little ones for their rooms. This time is no different but this puzzle is the miniature piece puzzle, 1000-tiny pieces to make our eyes go gaga!

We have to be innovative to try and sort the coloured pieces so that we can actually make progress. Big job ahead of us. Wish us luck.

Summary for October 6


Back at work for another 9 or so weeks before it is Christmas. First time this year we thought about Christmas. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Starting a project so literally small but metaphorically large takes a lot a of dedication and motivation. We know we can do it – we trust that we will be able to do it. 


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